I’d like to thank everyone for another amazing year at the DJC Children’s Jewish Studies Program!  As always, our students worked on many creative and meaningful projects.  Grade 1 completed interactive Jewish Calendar wheels, Grade 3 created and published a book of the story of Joseph, and Grade 4 worked all semester on their family tree projects.

The theme for our chuggim (special interest groups) for this half of the year was Freedom.  Our students created board games, a stop motion film of a Jewish folktale; and wrote and performed a parody of The Breakfast Club about current and historical freedom fighters.

Some of our B’nei Mitzvah students returned to the school to do their Tikkun Olam projects.  One student brought the Ontario Wheelchair Association to raise awareness and run a wheelchair basketball workshop for the older grades.  Another pair of students worked with Grade 4 to run a children’s book drive and bake sale for a local group of Syrian Refugees.

On top of all that, we welcomed an incredible music teacher who taught us many fun songs in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.

I’m so happy to welcome back our beloved principal Alysse Rich, who will be resuming her position in June.

Have a wonderful summer, and see you next year!

Dana Brookman
Acting Principal,
DJC Children’s Jewish Studies Program

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