On October 16, 2016, to mark WORLD FOOD DAY and INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ERADICATION OF POVERTY, the Danforth Multifaith Community participated in the “CHEW ON THIS” campaign  to walk together from mosque to church and synagogue to the DJC community sukkah to speak out against poverty and hunger in our community.  This was our first time joining in this national anti-hunger awareness day and the Canadian Jewish News was there to cover the event!

It all began in 2008 when a small group of people who were inspired to build more meaningful connections with other faith communities in the area approached one another.  We held our first Danforth Multi-Faith Community Walk that year, where over 200 hundred people — adults, children, and families — joined together to walk from church to mosque to synagogue.  Since then, the DJC has been an active participant and leader in a group where we can share heartfelt stories and experiences that speak to the common threads which connect us all.  Our work in, and commitment to, building a multi-faith community has continued with other events where we gather for communal meals, entertainment, and learning about each other’s faiths.


Danforth Jewish Circle / email
Eastminster United Church
Glen Rhodes United Church
Madinah Masjid (Mosque)
Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Pakistani Community Centre / email


  1. We honour the special kinship of the Children of Abraham – Christians, Muslims, and Jews, and a broad spectrum of interfaith communities and individuals who wish to join us.
  2. We yearn for more respect and shared learning amongst the world’s faith communities, and those who perform deeds of loving kindness.  Tragically, history has shown this has not often been the case.
  3. We support each other in a shared vision of a more just world where we can eliminate poverty and hunger. We join together in community action and ongoing programs to tackle social injustice and inequity in our neighbourhoods and cities.
  4. We recognize the interdependence of life on earth and our obligation to live in harmony with creation and our environment.
  5. We seek to uphold the value of peace and community cooperation as expressed through the teachings of our faith, principles of non-violence, and pursuit of restorative justice and reconciliation.
  6. We are committed to lifting up the voices of women, nurturing the cultural diversity of our communities, and mentoring the leadership of the next generation.
  7. We support those who dedicate themselves to removing the walls of separation that divide our communities and build up a culture of peaceful and creative co-existence.
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