Chanuka Donations & How You Can Make a Difference for the DJC

Dear DJC Friend,

Will your home soon glow with the light of the Chanuka candles?  Will you light the candles in the window so they are visible from the street? 

Candles in a window are “a public statement of what you believe in… It’s a statement that I want to preserve my values…, not that other people have to adopt them, but that other people accept them…. The light comes from inside the family and illuminates the neighborhood,” says contemporary Jewish thinker, Noam Zion.

In the face of assaults on diversity and Jewish identity, whether in the days of the Maccabees or in our current moment, this is an important time to support and celebrate the values of pluralism, freedom, and hope. 

Thanks to donors like you, the Danforth Jewish Circle continues to strengthen these values at the heart of your community and works to illuminate the world around you.

We need you.  Please support the work of the Danforth Jewish Circle by donating today:

Because you care about strengthening this progressive Jewish community where everyone is welcome. 

Here, together, veteran Jews, new Jews, and non-Jewish partners and friends; people of all gender identities and sexual orientations; singles, partnered folks, and families of all kinds celebrate together, support each other in illness and mourning, and engage in Jewish learning and living animated by progressive values, genuine curiosity, and open hearts.  Diversity is not merely tolerated.  It is at the heart of our commitment to radical inclusion.

Because you care about accessibility.  For the first time at High Holydays this year, donors like you offered American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, making services and learning sessions accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.  ASL interpretation is costly.  Will you make it available at services and programs throughout the year?

The DJC’s Accessibility Initiative has begun training the lay-leadership, staff and the wider DJC community.  With your donation you ensure that the DJC is accessible to all who wish to participate

Because you care about equity.  This year, subsidies were made available to 68 individuals to assist with membership and/or tuition in the DJC Jewish Studies Program. 

This year the DJC also provided short-term emergency food and transportation support to members in need. 

Because you believe that everyone should be able to participate fully in Jewish life at the DJC, no matter what their financial resources.

Claudia Judith Bali, a dedicated founding member of the DJC, passed away on July 25 2018 after a long illness.  Claudia represented the heart and soul of the Danforth Jewish Circle, and along with her husband Jacob, hosted the very first DJC founder’s meeting.  She was loved and admired by community members for her generosity and remarkable courage.

In Claudia’s honour, the Danforth Jewish Circle has created the Claudia Bali Educational Endowment.  Donors to the endowment support the Jewish Studies Programs by providing subsidies to families who would otherwise not be able to afford Jewish education for their children. 

Because you care about tzedek/justice and tikkun olam/repair of the world.  This past year, the DJC joined together in tragedy and solidarity, gathering in Rings of Peace at the DJC Solidarity Shabbat in the wake of the Tree of Life synagogue shootings in Pittsburgh, and again at the Madinah Masjid following the mosque shooting in New Zealand. 

Building common cause and partnership, the DJC walked together with our Danforth Community Multi-faith partners – Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and Unitarians – at the annual “Chew on This” Walk to Eradicate Poverty and Hunger, beginning at the Masjid and breaking bread together in the DJC community sukkah. 

The DJC is an active member of TEAM, Toronto East Anti-hate Mobilization – engaging in activism to counter white supremacy in Toronto.

Your donation supports the DJC new Tikkun Olam Speakers Series – addressing Israeli democracy, Indigenous issues, climate change, and anti-Semitism. 

Thanks to donors like, the DJC is able to be a strong, progressive Jewish voice, working with partners to bolster shared values. 

Creating and delivering engaging, inspiring, and relevant programs, and providing subsidies to a person unable to afford full membership dues, school tuition, or B’nei Mitzvah costs requires more resources than your membership fee alone can cover.

On behalf of the DJC Board and community, we hope you will make a year-end gift.  If you have already given, thank you, and please, if you can, stretch a bit further.  And, consider the DJC in your legacy plans.

You may be interested to know that:

  • $180 supports an adult education or youth program.
  • $360 supports a child to attend our Children’s Jewish Studies Program.
  • $1,050 covers a music-filled Shabbat service led by Rabbi Miriam and Cantor Lisa.
  • $2,300 pays for Bar and Bat Mitzvah education.

Please donate now.  Can you give $18 or $36 a month?  Maybe $180 or $360 today.  Perhaps you are able to give $1,800 or more.  Your donations will be used wisely and you will receive a charitable tax credit for the full amount, which can bring you back almost half of what you give at tax time.  

Your donation makes a difference in a person’s life in your community and in your city.

Because you are reading this Chanuka letter, we know that your care about the DJC and the people in the Circle.  Thank you for taking this time to think about what the DJC contributes to progressive Jewish life in Toronto – and to your life – this Chanuka.

Please donate now at

May this Chanuka bring you and your loved ones light, warmth and good health.

Chag Same’ach,

Co-chairs, DJC Board: Emma Firsten-Kaufman, Kathy Glazier, Nicki Weiss

P.S. Your gift of $36, $72, $180 – or any amount you can afford – will make a difference in the life of one child or adult at DJC who needs your support.  Please give right away.  It’s a mitzvah!

Thank you.

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