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Miriam’s Cup: What 15 B’nei Mitzvah Students are Teaching Me About Chanukah

This past weekend, I spent more time in our sanctuary at Bethminster than I have in the past 9 months!   I felt a special kind of quiet and reverence walking into the space. The colourful fabric banners were already

A Little Less Alone, A Lot More Together: A Report from our Community Conversations

This past week, we held two community conversations about Judaism in the time of Covid on Zoom.  I love community conversations! (Yes, I am that kind of nerd.)  As a rabbi, I spend a lot of time leading and shaping

Yom Kippur Sermon 5781 – Building Anew

I was going to give this sermon on Rosh Hashana day, when our theme was Dismantling and Building Anew, but between all the challenges with technology and timing, I didn’t share it then.  I want to share it tonight.  The

Erev Rosh Hashana 5781 – Dismantling (and Building Anew)

A cluster of 4 rabbis made their winding way to Jerusalem. When they reached Mount Scopus, they looked out across the valley and could see what was once the magnificent and holy Temple, the centre of Jewish life, now destroyed,

A note from Rabbi Miriam before our upcoming Yom Kippur services

Getting Connected, Being Human and Keeping Your Cameras On If you are able to (and there are certainly legitimate reasons why someare not able to), please keep your video cameras on during the services.This is for two reasons: 1) At

Miriam’s Cup: The Days of Awe Will be Awful Unless…

My dear DJCers.  I’m going to be frank here. Leading services for Yamim Nora’im/the Days of Awe on Zoom, singing alone in my office, listening to Cantor Lisa sing alone in hers, and speaking to the little camera dot on my

Miriam’s Cup: Anti-racism and Teshuva

I am part of a group of rabbis and Jewish leaders from across North America thinking together about Racial Justice.  As a group of white Ashkenazi leaders, it is a context for each of us to engage in the personal

Miriam’s Cup: A Letter Against Annexation and the Brokenness of The Three Weeks

As summertime usually brings vacation and swimming, juicy summer fruit and the stretch of long, sweetly lazy days, as a young person, I always found it to be such a bummer that in the Jewish calendar, the three weeks from

Torah Study: An Intentional Space for Growth and Community

A Special Article in Preparation for Shavuot by Colleen Morawetz Every other Thursday evening since January, I’ve been doing something I never seriously expected of myself – group Torah study. Our nine intellectually curious and emotionally intelligent participants take turns

Wake Up and Smell the Blintzes!

Whether your connection to Jewish celebrations comes through brisket-making Ashkenazi lineage, Moroccan-heritage lamb and couscous tagine or Sephardic pastelicos (meat and rice pies), to name but a few meaty Jewish cultural delights, the upcoming chag (holyday) of Shavu’ot puts a