Message from the Board


Celebrating Deliverance The way the Jewish calendar falls this year, we celebrate both Purim and Passover in March. Though these holidays seem very different in mood, there are actually some significant links between them. Both holidays are focused on deliverance;


Data for the future This month, we would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has filled out our membership survey. Now what are we going to do with all this data, you might be asking? We


Survey says… Happy spring/Pesach everyone! Remember that community survey that we did a few months back? Well, 159 of you responded, and here are some highlights of what you told us: Who are we? Most survey respondents (84%) were over


The month of May is all about celebrating the diversity in our community and encouraging inclusion in all our activities. Our annual Shabbat Itanu on May 4th hosted by the DJC Accessibility Initiative will feature Talia Johnson as a speaker

January’s Board Message

Bring on the snowy new year!  We can learn a lot about ourselves and our community when harsh winter weather hits us. Neighbours brave the cold to assist one another with shoveling walkways and digging out buried cars, or head

December’s Board Message

Bringing Light, Finding Warmth at the DJC At this time of year, some of us crave the sun, others the comfort of community. While we can’t do much about the weather, we hope that you will find warmth at the

November’s Board Message

It is 5778 and the DJC’s annual calendar of activities is in full swing! We have moved through the High Holy Days, welcomed friends and the harvest in the Sukkah, sang and danced for Simchat Torah, begun Rabbi Miriam’s Radical

A Vision for a Sweet New Year

With the sweetness of apples and honey on our lips, and the energy that comes with a new year and united old and new members, now is the time to recommit ourselves to the difference the DJC can make in

Oy Vey, What a Year!

The High Holy Days are a time for renewal; a time to shake off the bad, to apologize or forgive, and to focus on the year ahead. Remember the solar eclipse experienced in the western hemisphere last week? The sun

Word of the Month: Naches

The Yiddish word naches (נחת \näKHəs\ NAKH-es) can be translated as pleasure, delight, or proud enjoyment. One might be heard saying, “What naches it gave us to see the whole gymnasium of the JCC filled with people of all types,