Wake Up and Smell the Blintzes!

Whether your connection to Jewish celebrations comes through brisket-making Ashkenazi lineage, Moroccan-heritage lamb and couscous tagine or Sephardic pastelicos (meat and rice pies), to name but a few meaty Jewish cultural delights, the upcoming chag (holyday) of Shavu’ot puts a

Masks for All!

There are many things the DJC is doing to help our community at this difficult time. As part of a community, it’s the responsibility of each and every one of us to prevent transmitting the virus to others. We realize,

May Feature: Jewish Family & Child

Website: Jewish Family and Child (JF&C)  The Jewish community is not immune to the challenges of today’s complex society. We are touched by poverty, violence, abuse, divorce, difficult teens, and unemployment. JF&CS reaches out into all corners of the

How You Can Make a Difference for the DJC during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear DJC friend, The Danforth Jewish Circle is here for you during the Coronavirus pandemic – as a source of support, connection, and uplifting Jewish life.  Rabbi Miriam and the three of us who co-chair the DJC board hope you

DJC Support During Covid-19: What We’re Doing to Support our Membership

Your community is here for you, and we are here for each other. Over the past few weeks, Simmy Zaret of the DJC Chesed Committee, Anne Shaddick our Volunteer Coordinator, and other dedicated volunteers have been calling our members to

Easing the Pain of Covid-19: A note from the DJC Social Justice Committee

In this unprecedented and challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, we can remember some of the ways we have suffered as a people and as individuals in times past and think of ways we can help by connecting to

Why is This Passover Different from All Other Passovers?

Do you know when the first Seder took place?

Do you know when the first Seder took place? Stop reading for a moment – what do you think? Perhaps you imagine the Israelites in the wilderness, with Mitzrayim/Egypt behind them and the wide, open desert in front of them

April Feature: Jewish Free Loan Toronto

Website: Interest-free loans for Jewish residents of Ontario We offer 0% interest loans for emergencies, living expenses, medical and dental care, Jewish life-cycle events, education and new businesses. Jewish Free Loan Toronto helps individuals and families in need navigate

There’s Still Time to Help Write the DJC Book!

It’s difficult to think of anything but Covid-19 these days, but doing so might well be a tonic. The Danforth Jewish Circle is preparing a book to coincide with its 25th anniversary in 2021 and we want you to be