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Children’s Jewish Studies Program Classes will Begin on September 17!

Our Children’s Jewish Studies Program classes will begin on September 17!  We are monitoring the public health recommendations and TDSB plans closely, and hoping that we can be together in person. We’re also considering hybrid (in-person mixed with online) and

Miriam’s Cup: A Letter Against Annexation and the Brokenness of The Three Weeks

As summertime usually brings vacation and swimming, juicy summer fruit and the stretch of long, sweetly lazy days, as a young person, I always found it to be such a bummer that in the Jewish calendar, the three weeks from

The DJC Community – Responding in Times of Challenge

Dear DJC Community,  Together, we can face the challenges and suffering of these difficult times. Together, we can build beauty and close connection, enact justice and cultivate new wisdom in response.  Together we are the DJC our vibrant, inclusive, innovative

That’s a Wrap for 5780! A Message from Alysse

As we wrapped up this year in our Jewish Studies program, it was hard not to notice that it wasn’t the wrap-up we had hoped for. Our Jewish Studies teachers, assistant teachers, staff, and students all missed being together in person

4 Simple Actions to Make a Green and Just Recovery Happen

We each have a responsibility to fully address the racial, social, and economic inequities present in our world. We each have a responsibility to stop consuming and powering our lives the way we do now. Remember that your every action, good and

The DJC Board Is Looking For Two New Members For The 2020-2022 Term!

DJC in the Era of Covid What is the DJC’s Vision Statement? What Does the Board Do? What Time Commitment is Typical? What Roles and Skills are Most Needed for the Upcoming 2020-2022 Term 1. DJC in the Era of

Climate Crisis Letter Writing Campaign

A big part of the solution to climate change is to electrify everything: cars, trucks, home heating, industrial processes, and so on. Clean Energy Canada, looked at the growth in clean energy in Canada since 2010. The report found that

Statement from the DJC – Statement of Solidarity Against Racist Violence

*The DJC’s statement contains excerpts and wisdom from T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights , and Avodah: Sparking Jewish Leaders, Igniting Social Change. “When the community is immersed in suffering, a person may not say: I will go to

Torah Study: An Intentional Space for Growth and Community

A Special Article in Preparation for Shavuot by Colleen Morawetz Every other Thursday evening since January, I’ve been doing something I never seriously expected of myself – group Torah study. Our nine intellectually curious and emotionally intelligent participants take turns

Mask Appeal

Mask Order Form The Threads Project is continuing to offer masks to any and all members of our DJC community who may need them. To date, we have produced over 100 masks for our members. Our team of volunteers includes