Rabbi's Message

Darkness & Light: Reflections on Hanukkah

CLICK BELOW TO WATCH Rabbi Miriam’s Video Hanukkah Message where she shares her perspective on the topic: “Darkness & Light: Reflections on Hanukkah.” Find out what parts of the Hanukkah story may not be true…  

Getting Egypt Out of Our Hearts – Some Thoughts for Pesach

When we sit down at our Seder tables this year, what will help us hear the words of the haggadah in new ways, face the realities of slavery and oppression with new eyes, and be stirred toward liberation, for ourselves

5774 Kol Nidrei Sermon – YOU ARE HERE

As a child, I was fascinated by maps. I was particularly fascinated with the maps that included a brightly coloured arrow sticker that read ‘You Are Here’. Whether I was at Centre Island or the Eaton Center, these sprawling places

5774 Rosh Hashana Day Sermon – HEARING THE CALL OF JUSTICE

I was given a beautiful opportunity this past winter. I was commissioned to compose a piece of music for Truah, a new Jewish social justice organization based in NY. Their mission is to bring a Jewish moral voice to the

5774 Erev Rosh Hashanah Sermon – HEARING THE INNER CALL

I was sitting at a Jewish meditation retreat some years ago at a time in my life that was particularly difficult. It was a period of time that was weighted with deep sadness, heaviness and feeling utterly stuck. Months had