This week on CBC Radio’s “The 180”, journalist Kamal Al-Solaylee says we are over-playing the warm and fuzzy stories of Canadians welcoming refugees and expands on this based on a column he wrote recently in The Walrus magazine.


In this interview with Jim Brown, Al-Solaylee discusses how Syrian refugee stories are flooding the media (a day does not go by with out several ‘feel good’ stories on the news). But Kamal’s concern is that most of the stories are very “us-centric” and he ponders about whether we are just making ourselves feel good in this refugee sponsorship endeavour?

Listen to the interview from February 22, 2016, on CBC Radio’s “The 180”:

Definitely “food for thought” for the DJC community and volunteers working on the Social Justice Committee who are preparing the home for the Syrian refugee family we are sponsoring and will be welcoming on their arrival come this spring.

Thanks for your interest. Posted by the DJC Social Justice Committee.

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