Announcing: Beit Olam Cemetery to Meet the DJC’s Needs

After several years of researching different possibilities, the DJC is announcing the solution to our diverse, inclusive community’s cemetery needs – a section at Beit Olam at Glenview Memorial Gardens for DJC members in good standing and their immediate relatives (see Standards of Practice for details). This is currently the only available option in Toronto for a Jewish cemetery in which Jews and non-Jews can be buried together. In order to establish a defined section (with room to expand) within Beit Olam for the Danforth Jewish Circle, a minimum of 10 plots have to be purchased.

Beit Olam Garden will be operated in keeping with, and in all manner respectful of, Jewish practices. For non-Jewish members of the DJC, funeral services can be conducted elsewhere by an officiant of one’s choice, while all burials in Beit Olam Gardens will be conducted by the rabbi of the DJC in a non-denominational manner which does not conflict with Jewish Practice.

Beit Olam Garden is a Jewish section (demarcated section of consecrated ground required for the purpose of Jewish burial) within Glenview Memorial Gardens, in which Jews and non-Jews can be buried side by side.

A Rabbinic Advisory Board will oversee the Jewish rituals and practices for the site. These Standards of Practice are in keeping with the values and needs of the DJC (For details of Standards of Practice, click here).

Benjamin’s Park Memorial Chapel will be happy to work with us to pick up and prepare a body for burial, as well as providing their services for funerals and burial.

For more information including memorialization and payment options, along with the Standards of Practice, click here.