Since its founding, the DJC has been a community fueled by the interests, desires, and dedication of its members.  Everything we accomplish is a result of people who put their time, hearts, and minds to creating the community they want to be part of.

We hope you’ll choose to participate in a way close to your own heart – or start a new DJC committee of your own.


The Accessibility Initiative is committed to creating an inclusive community where everyone belongs and can participate to their fullest.  In collaboration with other committees and with DJC and Eastminster staff, our impassioned group of volunteers strive to create a barrier-free environment by addressing potential and/or existing barriers to participation, and by engaging members’ support to ensure those with physical, hearing, visual, cognitive, learning, sensory, or emotional disabilities can positively and actively take part in our services and programs.

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Chesed refers to deeds of loving kindness.  We are a group of dedicated volunteers who provides support, comfort, care, and practical assistance to those confronted by illness, crisis, or the loss of a loved one.  As needed, we organize the preparation and delivery of meals to individuals and families, assist with transportation to and from medical appointments, provide guidance and assistance during Shiva, or simply make a phone call to let someone know they are in our thoughts.

It matters to us that you know we care, so if you, or someone you know, is in need of our loving support, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Chesed Caring Committee is always looking to expand its army of caring volunteers.  Interested in adding your name to the list of those willing to be called upon in times of need?
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The Member Engagement Committee serves to help you develop and strengthen your sense of belonging to the Danforth Jewish Circle.  Our goal is to help you become more involved in our community and to experience a more meaningful and stronger connection to the DJC.

Remember… Member Engagement starts with ME!

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It is one thing to see a movie; it’s another to experience it.  We present films – features, documentaries, foreign language (with subtitles!), classics – that engage and entertain.  After a collective nosh, we frame the film with an introduction ranging from a word about the director to excavated facts about the film’s genesis.  When the movie ends, a lively discussion begins.  Heartfelt opinions and thoughtful debates are all part of the mix – a good film plus good company equals a good night out.  We meet once a month, from September to May, on a Saturday evening.  See details on the calendar & check out our 2017 Fall MOVIE NIGHTS FLYER

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MULTI-FAITH ~ Salaam – Peace – Shalom!

It all began early in 2008 when a small group from the DJC was inspired to build more meaningful connections with  other faith communities in the area.   We held our first Danforth Multi-Faith Community Walk that year, where over 200 hundred people – adults, children, families – joined together to walk from church, to mosque, to synagogue, and, since then, have joined with Eastminster and Glen Rhodes United Churches, the Pakistani Community Centre (connected to the local mosque, the Madinah Masjid), and the Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist congregation, to share many heartfelt stories that speak to the common threads which connect us all.

Our work in and commitment to building a multi-faith community has continued with many other events where we have shared in uplifting songs, cuisine, and traditions from our different faiths.  We’ve held women’s events — Sisters to Sisters — initially to join the Pakistani community in raising funds and relief items for women and girls affected by devastating floods in Pakistan and then later  to gather for communal meals, entertainment, and learning.  In 2014, we held our first cricket match, which provided an opportunity for the Muslim members to teach one of their favourite sports to their Christian and Jewish friends and engaged us all as both players and spectators.

Interested in joining the Multi-Faith Committee or want to learn more?  Visit our Facebook page at Danforth Multi-Faith Community or reach out to


Our Reading Circle, a favourite among the DJC’s book-loving members, brings us together for animated discussions about a variety of books that touch on Jewish themes.  Each year we schedule four evening sessions with an exciting, varied selection of books and stimulating guest facilitators, plus one session in May where we depart from the usual format and enjoy a leader-less discussion. 

We’re always looking for members to host a Reading Circle gathering.  Interested?  Please contact us.

See details on the calendar or the full list of the season’s books and dates on the 2017-18 flyer.

Please Note:  In order to be able to meet in the warmth and intimacy of fellow DJC members’ homes, we have to limit the number of participants.  Be sure to RSVP early if you want to attend.

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Our committee was formed to ensure our community addresses social justice issues and human rights violations.  We’re dedicated to honouring our Jewish history and values by responding to human rights issues, to raising awareness of these issues within the DJC community, to collaborating with other social justice groups within and outside of the Jewish community, and to taking action with respect to specific issues aligned with DJC values.

During the 2015 High Holy Days, we raised over $53,000 (ultimately over $58,000), to sponsor a Syrian refugee family and began working with Jewish Immigrant Aid Services (J.I.A.S. – a settlement agency) to submit our application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).  The Kurdish, Muslim family of seven we are sponsoring has five children ranging in age from 11 years to a 1-year old.  Unfortunately, the family is still waiting to be interviewed and processed by Canadian officials in northern Iraq.  We hope (and pray) to be able to welcome them to Canada as newcomers in 2017.  You can read about this meaningful community initiative in our blog.

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We’re a progressive, egalitarian, inclusive group who self-identify as young(ish) and Jew(ish).  We’re building a community of people interested in meeting up and going to DJC and community events together, as well as creating our own celebrations and having discussions about topics that interest us.

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