Board of Directors

    Rob Krakauer

    Rob has been a member of the DJC for about 13 years, and during that time has been joined by his wife Jill and their two children Ben and Charlotte, who are both students in the DJC Jewish Studies program. Rob started attending High Holiday services at the DJC after moving back to Toronto in 2002 and wanting to find a progressive Jewish community close to his family’s home in the Beaches. After starting the kids in the Jewish studies program about 5 years ago, Rob joined the Education Committee. Last year, he was recruited to the Fundraising Committee, and continues to serve on both.

    Professionally, Rob has spent most of his career in a variety of roles within the pharmaceutical industry, primarily sales, sales management, training and marketing. In recent years, he has gained a much closer than desired view of the gig economy, doing sales effectiveness consulting within pharma and also teaching part time for the Centre for Business at George Brown College. The upside of inconsistent work has been an opportunity to get involved in various volunteer activities, including the DJC, Charlotte’s school’s parent council, where Rob is treasurer, and an organization that was set up to provide handsewn cloth facemasks to people in need during COVID. Rob is looking forward to contributing his skills to the ongoing success of the DJC.

        Tamir Kojfman

        Tamir is a born & bred Jewish Torontonian. He and his wife, Stephanie, have been members since 2012 when they married & moved to the East end. What drew them to the DJC was the embracing of their interfaith union in our inclusive community. Both are the parents of two boys, Elliot & Malcolm, who they were grateful to have Rabbi Miriam help welcome into the Jewish community in their naming ceremonies and Elliot just started at the DJC school this fall. Tamir has volunteered at a few DJC events and committees and is often called upon to take photos.

        Now, Tamir wants to contribute to the board, representing young Jewish families’ needs, and help drive the DJC forward for our current & future members. Professionally, Tamir has a background in Media Production and transitioned from a career in Broadcast & Event production to Canada Post. In his off time, he enjoys baking, cycling, & photography

            Jeff Krymalowski

            A child of Holocaust survivors, Jeff grew up in an Orthodox household in Montreal, and attended Jewish Day school through Grade 11. He and his wife Mary Beth Leatherdale, and their children Ben and Sarah have been members of the DJC since 1998. Jeff is a past member of the board, and several DJC Committees. His children attended DJC Jewish Studies and worked as Ed Assistants in the program.

            Jeff has worked for AT&T as a Computer Network Architect for many years, and enjoys movies, reading, cycling, cross-country skiing, and wrestling with the 100 plus year old farm house in Chatham Kent where his wife grew up, and where he spends much somewhat relaxing time.

            He looks forward to giving more back to the community that has given him so much joy and inclusive Yiddishkeit for the last 22 years.

                Kathy Glazier

                Kathy Glazier joined the DJC fifteen years ago. She feels very much at home with its egalitarianism and inclusive values and is uplifted by the music and meaningfulness of the services. On the DJC’s Social Justice Committee for two and a half years, Kathy has been integrally involved with our sponsorship of a Syrian refugee family as Project Lead.  She is also part of the DJC’s Threads Project which created the Yahrzeit tapestry.

                Now retired from the Ontario Public Service, she worked in areas such as employment equity, disability issues, domestic violence and services for at-risk youth. In her early career, she was an occupational therapist and worked in international development education. Kathy has volunteered actively in front-line and policy roles with non-profit agencies, including six years on the Board of Family Service Toronto, where she served as Vice-President and chaired the agency’s Access and Equity and Social Action Committees.

                Kathy is step-mom to her partner Max’s five daughters and loves to spend time with her seven grandchildren. She belongs to two book clubs, enjoys travelling, is learning Spanish and dabbles in painting.

                    Sarah Neville

                    Sarah first joined the DJC in 1996, as a teacher with the brand new Jewish Studies program.  She and her husband Bob have been members for 15 years, and first joined while living in Riverdale. They moved to the west end just in time to enroll their children in the east end DJC Jewish Studies program on Thursday afternoons, during rush hour.  They’ve made the cross-town journey (almost) every Thursday since, and their son Elijah joyfully became a Bar Mitzvah as part of the Bnei Mitzvah program.

                    Sarah loves the DJC for its warmth, inclusiveness and persistent curiosity.  She’s been involved in several committees over the years, and is committed to supporting the growth of this welcoming, progressive Jewish community.

                    Professionally, Sarah runs a training company focused on helping leaders and employees make powerful connections through inclusive communication. In her spare time, she loves theatre, potato chips and early morning running.

                        Marlene Greenberg

                        Marlene and her husband live in Riverdale and have been members of the DJC since 1997. Both their daughters attended the DJC Children’s Jewish Studies Program and participated in the B’nei Mitzvah Program.

                        Marlene has a graduate degree in Community Nutrition and over 27 years of working experience as a program and project manager in cancer prevention, working in collaboration with clinical and community partners with a focus on reaching populations that are disadvantaged.  She is honored to assist the board in serving the DJC community.

                            Nicki Weiss

                            Nicki Weiss and her husband Mike Fox have been members of the DJC, off and on, over the past 20 years.  As longtime Riverdale residents, we feel it is important to be part of our local Jewish community.  Since our family’s sabbatical to Jerusalem in 2000, we enjoy attending shul regularly & celebrating Jewish holidays.  Nicki is a member and currently co-chair of DJC’s Membership Engagement Committee.  Nicki and Mike are both active volunteers and participants in the broader Toronto Jewish community, including the Downtown Jewish Day School, UJA, Toronto Jewish Film Society, and the MNJCC.

                            Professionally, Nicki is the Founder and President of SalesWise, a training and coaching company dedicated to helping business leaders and their teams become more functional to achieve the results they’re looking for.  She brings this “tribal leadership” perspective to the DJC Board.  In her spare time, Nicki is a beekeeper, an avid walker, kayaker and general fitness devotee, bridge and Maj Jong player, and traveler.

                                Saara Greene

                                Saara Greene has been a member of the Danforth Jewish Circle since 2003.  Her children, Sam and Rebecca, have been faithful students of the DJC Jewish Studies program and the DJC B’nei Mitzvah program. During this time, Saara was a member of the Education Committee starting in 2006, taking on the role of chair from 2007-2017. As a youth and young adult, Saara sang with the Chai Folk Ensemble based in Winnipeg and feels very lucky that her love of Jewish music continues to be fulfilled through her participation in the DJC choir, which she has been a part of since 2009. Her favourite DJC activity is the annual Earth Hour Havdalah service and coffee house.

                                In her professional life, Saara is a Professor in the School of Social Work at McMaster University where she teaches in the areas of Feminist Approaches to Social Work and Social Justice and Community Based Practice and Research. Her research focuses on the health and social care needs of women identified individuals who experience marginalization along multiple axes of identity with specific attention to women living with HIV and women who consume cannabis. In partnership with the communities and women that she works with, Saara engages in arts-based approaches to research, education, knowledge mobilization and advocacy.

                                    Mindy Harris

                                    Mindy Harris has been involved with the DJC since its earliest days.  Even while spending a dozen years in Japan, she and her two children planned their yearly migration to share in the DJC High Holiday experience with the community here in Toronto. Now back in Toronto since 2012, she has been delighted to discover the joys of being a part of the DJC year-round and is proud to contribute to a Jewish organization that is welcoming, diverse, forward-thinking, inclusive, and thoughtful. Both her daughters are also active members.

                                    Mindy brings over 25 years of business experience to the Board with positions that have included being a director at a multinational company, consulting, partnership building, and facilitating seminars around the world.  She is known for taking on ambitious projects such as building a road up a mountain through a national park or assembling a crew to bake and sell hundreds of bagels to raise funds for a pre-school.

                                    When not otherwise engaged, Mindy is typically found at the yoga or dance studio, spending time with her children, fostering kittens, gardening or inventing a new dish in the kitchen.

                                        Nadya Burton

                                        Nadya has been involved in the DJC for 10 years. She was one of the founders of the DJC’s B’nei Mitzvah program; her elder son was in the first B’nei Mitzvah year, and her younger son was in the 2012-13 year.  Both her sons also had individual Bar Mitzvahs at the DJC.
                                        Nadya’s passion for the DJC centres on commitment to creating an open, thought-provoking, alternative and widely inclusive Jewish community. Understanding progressive Jewish community as a place that both welcomes and honours the diversity that walks through our doors, that centres mixed-faith and queer families, Jews of colour, those with disabilities or less access to economic resources, and all those who may often tend to be ‘outsiders’ to Jewish community, is an aspect of the DJC that is close to her heart and that she seeks to support and strengthen.  A critical, thoughtful approach to Palestinian rights and peace in Israel/Palestine is also an aspect of the DJC to which she is committed. In her working life, Nadya is a sociologist and Associate Professor in the Midwifery Education Program at Ryerson University.

                                            David Ross

                                            David and his wife, Liat, have lived in Greektown since moving back to Toronto from the UK. They have been members of the DJC since 2013, and were drawn to the progressiveness and inclusiveness of the community. Both their daughters enjoy attending the DJC Children’s Jewish Studies Program. David converted to Judaism after studies at the West London Synagogue in the UK, which offers him a personal perspective on interfaith relations. Professionally, David is a Managing Director at a defined benefit public pension plan. David has close to 25 years of experience in global macro and emerging markets investing, research and country risk management in roles based in Toronto, New York and London. David has a Master of Arts (Economics) and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

                                            When not working he enjoys travelling, canoe tripping and skiing with the family.

                                                Juliet Palmer

                                                Juliet and her husband James Rolfe have been members of the DJC since 2014, when their daughter Miriam joined the B’nei Mitzvah program. As an intercultural family they value the deeply inclusive spirit of the DJC and feel blessed to have found a welcoming and progressive spiritual home. They’ve been grateful for community support as they deepen their Jewish learning and for the creativity and curiosity that underpins the DJC.

                                                Juliet was raised in New Zealand, Singapore and the UK. Before moving to Canada in 1998, she lived and studied in the New York area for seven years. Juliet is a composer and interdisciplinary artist whose work spans music, dance, theatre, video and architecture. Reaching beyond boundaries is intrinsic to her work in the wider community as mentor, facilitator, educator, gardener, artist and volunteer. When it’s not raining, she loves the bicycle ride to the DJC from her home in The Junction and enjoys wintertime skiing in the city’s ravines and river valleys.