4 Simple Actions to Make a Green and Just Recovery Happen

We each have a responsibility to fully address the racial, social, and economic inequities present in our world. We each have a responsibility to stop consuming and powering our lives the way we do now. Remember that your every action, good and bad, matters. Remember that we each must do the heavy lifting. 

4 simple actions to make a green and just recovery happen:

1. Watch David Attenborough’s video ‘How to Save Our Planet’

2. Talk to your MP on social media

Politicians of all parties determine their policy positions in part by listening to what people are doggedly asking them to do. If they hear similar requests from their constituents, they’re significantly more likely to listen and to act.

3. Call your MP and tell them your priorities

It is your MP’s duty to help their constituents. You can find your MP’s name and phone number here: www.ourcommons.ca/Members/en

4. Write letters to your newspaper

The media must hold people in power accountable. They must make science understandable. They must have consistent and in-depth coverage. The media is influential in shaping public opinion. The media must give climate change the coverage it deserves.

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