2022 DJC COVID-19 Policy for In-Person Services & Other Programs

The DJC COVID-19 policy has been developed to reflect the current requirements of Toronto Public Health, our partners in the Danforth Multifaith Commons (DMC) and the needs of our community. Our aim is to keep our staff and attendees as safe as possible during this challenging period. 


For the safety of the most vulnerable in our community, we ask that everyone attending indoor services, or other community events at DMC or elsewhere who is currently eligible for vaccination in Ontario to be fully vaccinated.

If individuals are eligible for vaccination, but are not vaccinated, we ask that you join us online.

We encourage everyone to be fully vaccinated attending outdoor events for the consideration of the most vulnerable in our community; it is not a requirement to attend outdoor events.

We will post this requirement in all newsletters, web postings, and invitations. 

Mask requirements

We ask that all staff, volunteers, members, guests or children over 2, who are attending a service must wear a face mask that covers the nose, mouth and chin. Reusable masks should be at least 2 layers of cotton/linen. 

If masks have been forgotten there will be a supply at the door. If someone is unable to wear a suitable mask for any reason for in-person events, we ask that you join us online. 

Self Screening

We ask that you self-screen before arrival. If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, may have been exposed to someone exhibiting symptoms or diagnosed with COVID-19, or have been required to self isolate, please do not attend in person. You are welcome to join our services offered online. 

In the Sanctuaries: East End United & Neighbourhood (EEURM & NUUC)

We ask that those attending seat themselves away from other groups as much as reasonably possible. 

Once you are seated, we ask that you do not walk around to visit other members. Kindly wait until you leave the building to socialize with others. 

Rabbi Miriam and Cantor Lisa may be singing unmasked, but will allow for ample space between them and the congregation. 

We will not be having a community Kiddush. Please bring any water that you might need. 

Traffic Flow

All entry to the building will be through the Jackman Street entrance. We ask that while waiting to enter or exit the building or passing through an entrance in the building, you keep 6-feet apart from others not in your group. 

Disclosure of Cases

If any attendee discovers they have COVID-19, kindly let us know by email to info@djctoronto.com as quickly as possible. This will help us to keep our community safe while we await instructions from Public Health. We will keep identities confidential.

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